Since inception, Maino Stoger Attorneys are totally focused on the importance of providing both a personalized and professional service to corporate and individual clients.

Maino Stoger is a niche corporate commercial law firm unique in its approach to the provision of focussed legal services. Importance is placed on providing both a personalized and professional service which is at all times coupled with a desire to understand the client’s business and needs. With vast experience in large companies in the financial services and banking industries and having been exposed to a wide variety of transactions and types of legal work, Maino Stoger is very well placed to provide a legal service that balances the need to protect against legal risk with the realities of doing business and the need to enable, rather than prohibit, business. 


Maino Stoger Attorneys assist businesses in all transactions, whether preparing the orginial agreements or documents, reviewing and providing advice on same or dispute resolution over the agreements or documents which have already been included. Maino Stoger can assist from start to finish as well as in between.


- Maino Stoger Attorneys are your corporate law solution -